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In the journey of clinical transformation, collaboration is the key. Whether you have inquiries, suggestions, or wish to know more about our state-of-the-art solutions, our team is eager to connect with you.

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Our dedication to fostering a culture of open communication is unwavering. Inspired by the transparent ethos seen in industry leaders like Cognizant, we welcome dialogue from all quarters.

Our Directors

Our directors at Bodhan Soft Technologies combine visionary leadership with tech expertise, driving our company towards unparalleled success.

Anusha Bontu
Anusha BontuCEO & Founder
Anusha Bontu, as the CEO & Director, is a dynamic leader known for her strategic vision and transformative approach.
Bharathi CH
Bharathi CHCTO & Partner
Bharathi Ch, as CTO & Partner, drives Bodhan Soft’s tech innovations and solidifies strategic industry partnerships.
Jason Response
Jason ResponseCFO & Partner
Jason Response, CTO & Partner, pioneers Bodhan Soft’s tech initiatives and forges key industry alliances.