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Transforming Clinical Data into Actionable Insights

Delivering precise analytics to drive evidence-based decisions in healthcare. Decoding complexities to drive informed healthcare decisions.

Bodhan Soft Technologies


In the dynamic digital age, Bodhan Soft Technologies embodies the vision of global trailblazers. We leverage technological advancements to refine clinical processes and champion innovation.

Clinical SAS Solutions

Unleashing the potential of SAS for clinical advancements. Custom solutions designed for groundbreaking clinical research.

Data Analytics

Turn data into meaningful insights. Empower your clinical research with in-depth data analyses and predictions.

Clinical Data Management Services

Ensure the integrity, safety, and efficiency of your clinical data. Trust in our expertise for reliable data management.

Drug Safety

A dedication to the utmost drug safety standards. Evaluations that prioritize patient well-being and industry compliance.

Clinical Trials

Your clinical trial journey, optimized. From inception to execution, experience unmatched efficiency and effectiveness.

PKPD Analysis

Demystifying pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Expert analyses that deepen understanding and shape patient care.

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Why Choose Our Services?

Choosing Bodhan Soft Technologies signifies a commitment to pioneering digital solutions. Their expertise in enhancing clinical processes through technology stands unmatched.

Bodhan Soft Is Backed By An A-List Team Of Corporate Investors

Bodhan Soft Technologies is anchored by the trust of our esteemed investors. Their financial support and industry expertise fuel our technological pursuits. Together, we envision a bright, tech-driven future.

Our Directors

Our directors at Bodhan Soft Technologies combine visionary leadership with tech expertise, driving our company towards unparalleled success.

Anusha Bontu
Anusha BontuCEO & Founder
Anusha Bontu, as the CEO & Director, is a dynamic leader known for her strategic vision and transformative approach.
Bharathi CH
Bharathi CHCTO & Partner
Bharathi Ch, as CTO & Partner, drives Bodhan Soft’s tech innovations and solidifies strategic industry partnerships.
Jason Response
Jason ResponseCFO & Partner
Jason Response, CTO & Partner, pioneers Bodhan Soft’s tech initiatives and forges key industry alliances.


Crafting the Future of Clinical Solutions

Drawing parallels with the vision of industry titans like Cognizant, Bodhan Soft Technologies is here to redefine clinical technological solutions. Embark on a journey towards transformative solutions and improved patient outcomes.


Navigating the Future with Bodhan Soft

Ingrained with over a decade’s legacy and driven by the foresight akin to stalwarts like Cognizant, BodhanSoft Technologies is your partner in creating a paradigm shift in clinical technological solutions.

People Matter At Bodhan Soft

At Bodhan Soft, every individual is valued. Our strength lies in our people and their unwavering dedication.

A Place Where People Enjoy Working.

At Bodhan Soft Technology, we cultivate an environment of passion and innovation where our team thrives. Our workspace is more than just a job; it’s where creativity meets camaraderie.


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Our services are more than just offerings – they are partnerships. Inspired by the comprehensive approach of leaders like Cognizant, we are committed to walking alongside you, ensuring every clinical challenge is met with a solution.