Our Values

  • We believe in applying scientific rigor to reveal the full promise inherent in data.
  • We nurture intellectual curiosity and encourage everyone to approach new challenges with enthusiasm and the desire for discovery.
  • We believe in collaboration and invite a diversity of perspectives, drawing on a variety of talents to create a wealth of possibilities.
  • We prize innovation and seek intelligent solutions using leading-edge technology.
  • We believe in practicing accountability to our customers and to our colleagues, to provide strong results and quality deliverables.


Bodhansoft Technologies is home to some of the most passionate, creative, and high performing talent in the industry. We work hard to create successful careers with significant professional growth for our employees; and foster a culture of shared passion, collaboration, commitment and engagement.

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Our Story

Bodhansoft Technologies is the largest provider of statistical software and advanced analytics for clinical trial design and execution. For over thirty years, Bodhansoft Technologies’s scientific rigor and operational excellence have helped biotech and pharmaceutical companies navigate uncertainty, prove value and unlock the full potential of their data.

At the time of founding groundbreaking therapies were slow to market due to the time it took to conduct small sample statistical analysis.

With a continued focus on efficient trial design that bends the cost and time curves, Cytel has championed group sequential, adaptive designs, population enrichment trials, seamless trials, and methods of program and portfolio optimization.

Our consultants advise on both large-scale and small sample designs across therapeutic areas including those that are biomarker-driven and employ Bayesian methods and we unlock real-world observational data and create opportunities for HEOR and market access.

Our expansive FSP team and project-based services employ world-class biometrics expertise to accelerate high-quality deliverables. Our software team continues to produce a package of products that enable these methods to diffuse across the industry, driving up the probability of success. These include East, Compass, StatXact, LogXact, ACES (for DMC Services), Enforesys for patient recruitment, and from 2020 Solara – a software platform that synthesizes statistics and strategy to help you achieve your development goals.

A scientific community of passionate and curious individuals, we channel our enthusiasm towards developing evidence-driven results for our clients.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are proud of the many ways our company makes a difference in the world and we keep our commitment to health and education at the forefront of everything we do.

Our employees drive these initiatives with enthusiasm. As an organization, we believe that “giving back is going forward.”